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Decorative Panel


The structure is made of a DIBOND panel which can be CUSTOMIZED in SIZE and DESIGN. For example, it can be oval shaped or adapted to the funny TV-shape.

The DIBOND panel is then painted in the RAL color you prefer and enriched with the graphic themes suitable for your project.

The screen is made up of our FL-GRAPHIC MODULES, which are directly installed onto the DIBOND panel.

The FL-GRAPHIC MODULES are available in two resolutions:

Therefore, you are free to show texts, photos, videos and any kind of advertising according to your needs.

Moreover, you can enrich the panel by installing the lamps on the contour, playing the fantastic light games created for you.

You are also free to place the lamps and the graphic modules wherever you want on the panel in order to create special effects, texts or images.

The decorative panel is remotely controlled through a Touchscreen, which allows to select the light effects and the animations on the screen.

Besides, we provide you with a SOFTWARE OF OUR OWN PRODUCTION to be installed into your computer, through which you are FREE TO CREATE new texts and animations by yourself.

The decorative panels will surely make your ride much more ATTRACTIVE!