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Fun-Spot 100 mm


Fun-Spot 100 mm is the biggest model of the Fun-Spot family with diameter of 100 mm and its base can be equipped with 30 or 60 LEDs according to the power level you want to obtain. It is available in all the three operative modes (Plug&Play, Controllable Pixel and Controllable SMART) and available in the only Frontal Pull Out version.



OPERATIVE MODELED - n°Wire Connection - n°Rated Power - WattRated Power Strobe - WattSuper Strobe (STRB) - LED n°Super Strobe (STRB) - WattStrobe + Super Strobe (STRB) - WattEnhanced (E)
Plug&Play (PP)3021,755638-
Plug&Play (PP)6023,51012316-
Controllable Pixel (PX)3041,95 (1)5,85 (2)67,9 (3)13,75
Controllable Pixel (PX)6043,9 (1)11,7 (2)127,9 (3)27,5
Controllable SMART (SMRT)3041,8756510-
Controllable SMART (SMRT)6043,610121020-

(1) – Reccomended maximum power.
(2) – Reccomended maximum duration is of 50 ms with a duty cycle of 25%.
(3) – Maximum programmable duration is of 50 ms with a duty cycle of 25%.


Frontal Pull Out – Base

Fun-Spot 100 mm Frontal Pull Out - Base
100 mm93,5 mm86 mm17 mm3 mm5,3 mm6,9 mm21,6 mm11,7 mm4xØ3

Frontal Pull Out – Complete

Fun-Spot 100 mm Frontal Pull Out - Complete
D24100 mm93,5 mm23,5 mm30,5 mm16 mm25,3 mm41,3 mm15,9 mm4xØ3
R24100 mm93,5 mm23,5 mm30,5 mm16 mm25 mm41 mm9,3 mm4xØ3


Fun-Spot 45 mm to 100 mm Lid
100 mm13

Drilling Scheme Template

Fun-Spot 100 mm Drilling Template
93,5 mm
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